There is a strong feeling here of the human made bricks and rubble, broken fencing
a landscape of mostly natural stuff but then there's, kinda, little, you can see underneath it, or, part jutting out there's a kind of manmade elements
There's a sewers underneath it
I do like...with the horses, I feel like the horses kinda steal the show a little bit. There are just these white horses with blues eyes that like really, are really like, incredible looking, like really, it's like kinda fantasy
Key information
The gadwall is a very grey-coloured dabbling duck
Length: 48-54cm
Wingspan: 90cm
Weight: 700-830g
Average lifespan: 4 years
Scientific name: Anas strepera
Key information
The shoveler has a large and distinctive shovel-like bill
Length: 47-53cm
Wingspan: 77cm
Weight: 630g
Average lifespan: 3 years
Scientific name: Anas clypeata
Key information
The shelduck is a handsome creature
Length: 58-64cm
Wingspan: 1.1m
Weight: 1-1.2kg
Average lifespan: 10 years
Scientific name: Tadorna tadorna
Where will you be next year
Where will I be next year
Where will you be in 4 years
Where will I be in 4 years
Where will we be in 3 years
Where will they be in 3 years
Where will you be in 10 years
Where will I be in 10 years

Life spans
Captured moments
Different scales of time

The Birdwatcher-s
Visual Fabric and The Worm
& conceptual sketchbook

Part of the exhibition SH/FT at
Rhiannon Hunter and Veronika Neukirch share a visual conversation about their respective works 'The Sound of That Place' and 'Coming out of the Woodwork' as part of SH/FT

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ensnare you
in things
the viscous way’
Is there a fundamental continuity between the ways matter behaves and our imaginative processes?
- Not limited to how we might imagine materials, but the materiality of the imagination…
The dynamics of matter, whether it bursts, trembles, sticks, shimmers or pulls is always as well an imaginative event.
'At the same time we experience the manmade as natural.

Our everyday encounter with images is tactile and has transformed pictorial relations into haptic ones.
Especially through technologies that give a higher than natural resolution to the world, we are able to “feel” a heightened experience of surface.'

... creatures.connect...
‘Thing Power’ allows agency in material qualities to be not just metaphors for states of mind
BUT operators in and on the world.
Woodworms however aren’t things, they’re creatures…… converters that digest wood, hard matter, into soft matter, sustaining their burrowing physiques.

is no "world",

monstrous congregation of
different matters
and textures,

variously throbbing’

................I wonder if all my works are embodiments (as well as antidotes?) of complex emotional states...